Principal Research Associate/Associate Scientist, NGS (RA02-11)



TScan Therapeutics is a startup biotech seeking to revolutionize life-changing therapeutics for patients by identifying novel T cells and epitopes. We are looking for a highly motivated researcher to join our team as Principal Research Associate/ Associate Scientist, supporting our novel target identification and validation workflow in house, with focus on Next Generation Sequencing. The ideal candidate should have relevant experience in molecular biology, Next Generation Sequencing library preparation, and enjoy fast-paced, collaborative, and vibrant startup culture. A team player with a sense of urgency will thrive in this role.


  • Build a variety of NGS libraries (ex. single-cell seq based on 10x Genomics platform, Amplicon-seq libraries for a variety of in-house experiments, RNA-seq libraries from tumor samples and cell lines, immune repertoire libraries from primary samples).
  • Extract genomic DNA and RNA from cultured cancer cells, T cells, or tumor tissues (via manual and automated methods).
  • Work closely with scientists in other teams to provide NGS insights when designing screen experiments and processing samples.
  • Optimize and troubleshoot workflows and develop new technologies and lab capabilities (NGS workflows, automation, novel assays etc).
  • Operate in-house Illumina and Nanopore sequencers and automation robots (QIAcube, Bravo).
  • Analyze data, communicate results with co-workers, and present work regularly.


  • Bachelor’s degree with 5-7+ years of relevant laboratory experience, Master’s degree with 3-5+ years of relevant lab experience, or PhD with 0+ years of experience, preferably in the biopharmaceutical or biotechnology industry.
  • Experience with molecular biology techniques, such as PCR, DNA purification and quantification methods. Hands-on experience with NGS library preparation. Experience with cell culture and immunology a plus.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to document experiments in an organized and timely fashion and to present scientific data to coworkers.
  • Ability to work efficiently both independently and in a collaborative team environment.
  • Ability to quickly pivot and adapt with any changing priorities.
  • Demonstrated quality, proficiency, and attention to detail.
  • Strong reasoning and analytical skills.

About TScan:

TScan Therapeutics was founded in 2018 by a small group of scientists led by Dr. Stephen Elledge (Harvard Medical School/HHMI). TScan is discovering and developing novel TCR-engineered T cell therapies for the treatment of cancer. TScan’s discovery platform is centered around a breakthrough technology that enables the rapid, comprehensive, and genome-wide identification of the peptide antigen targets of T cell receptors. This technology greatly enhances our ability to understand the specific antigens that drive important disease processes, including tumor cell recognition by the immune system, self-reactivity in autoimmune disorders, and acquired immunity in infectious disease. TScan is using the platform in oncology to discover new TCR/target pairs and to rapidly move novel TCRs into clinical development.

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