ReceptorScan enables identification of highly active T cell receptors, or TCRs, that recognize previously identified, clinically validated targets. Using ReceptorScan, we have identified our two lead TCR-T therapy candidates, TSC-100 and TSC-101, targeting minor histocompatibility antigens HA-1 and HA-2, respectively.

Overview of Our Proprietary ReceptorScan Technology

The ReceptorScan process begins with a co-culture of hundreds of millions of T cells with dendritic cells displaying a target antigen of interest. T cells that recognize the target of interest will begin to proliferate, and then are subsequently isolated and sequenced to identify specific TCR sequences that recognize the desired target. Our novel technologies allow us to gene-synthesize hundreds of TCRs simultaneously and to rapidly sort through hundreds of targets-specific TCRs in a single high-throughput screen to identify the most active clones.